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Soul Trinkets By Ladybug comes from a time when I was broken and grieving my mom. I had nobody that could relate to me except a cousin, who I love dearly who was there all the way. Forgetting all about my culture and background I became completely lost! One restless night I got reminded that my Higher Power and my ancestors were there to guide me. I thought back to the "Magick" of candles, crystals, herbs, oils and how they protect our mind, body, and soul. They also heal our body, protect us from evil, hexes, curses, harm etc. After going through my own healing I decided to help others heal as well. All my oils, candles, waters, etc are charged with Full Moon energy, infused with herbs, crystals, and prayed over. i hope you find whatever it is you need to help you heal and find peace.

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Marble Surface

My brand is a representation of someone who is ambitious, brave and has courage. We have true aroma of diverse fragrances and spectacular herbs. You want to feel at peace, relaxed and safe? My candles are made to fill any space with a strong essence of peace. Each candle will spark a light inside each of you, to encourage you. Meditate on what you need most to heal or feel peace. I'm hear to help while you do the work.

Peace and Blessings!!

Image by Joyce G